Stitch Fix May 2016

Stitch Fix May 2016

If you’ve spent any time on social media lately—especially if you’re interested in dressing a little better—you’ve probably heard of Stitch Fix. This part-online clothing company/part-personal styling service is a big thing in the “mom blogosphere,” and I can definitely see why. They make shopping SUPER EASY. At my husband’s urging (yes, you read that right!), I decided to give it a shot (see my first two Fixes here and here).


How It Works

You sign up with Stitch Fix and fill out a detailed questionnaire about your size, style, and how often you want to receive your box, or “Fix.” (Note: you can change your style profile any time you like and they actually encourage you to.) The sample styles they give you to rate are pretty limited, so it’s a good idea (again, highly encouraged) for you to provide them with a link to your Pinterest clothing account so they can see what strikes your fancy.

That’s right: you don’t pick out and order clothing like a regular online catalogue. Your “stylist” picks it for you based on what they think you would like. Scared? Don’t be. It’s just clothes.

Each “Fix” that you get comes with 5 items inside and it could be anything from clothes to shoes, jewelry to bags. You get to try everything on in the comfort of your own home and with the rest of your wardrobe right there. Not sure if you own a bra that works under that shirt? Try them all on! Don’t know if your stilettos will match that dress perfectly? They’re right. There.

Plus, no dragging cranky toddlers around to a million different stores.

When you’ve decided what you want to keep, simply “checkout” (on the app or on their website), give your feedback, and send your items back in the prepaid mailer.


What it Costs

You pay a $20 styling fee for each Fix that you receive, but it will be credited toward any items that you buy. Like everything? You get a 25% discount. (By the way, do the math. I once calculated that buying 5 items would only be about $20 more than buying the 3 items I was originally considering.)

The drawback is that the average cost per item is around $50. Ok, you’re thinking, no problem, that means some items are $100 and some are $30, so I’ll just ask for the $30 ones. No, it means that you will likely be paying roughly $50 for each item you keep. The cheapest thing I was ever sent was $38. It was a bracelet.


What I Got

This was my 3rd Fix, and I can see where they are starting to nail down my style a little more.

Papermoon Waters Knit Maxi Dress, $68

May 2016 1

When I saw that my Fix was coming, I couldn’t stop myself from peeking to see what I would be getting, but only let myself look at one item. This was the item I saw, and I was actually really let down. But then I tried it on, and changed my mind. It was actually really flattering and comfortable.

I almost kept this dress, but there were a few reasons I didn’t.

  1. I just got rid of all my maxi skirts/dresses because I never wore them. I know I should like them, but I don’t. My thighs rub together and my legs get all tangled up in the skirt.
  2. “Hand wash only.” :-/

Status: Returned


Skies are Blue Veronique Cut Out Back Blouse, $48

shirt front and back

I liked the fit of this top and the cut out detail on the back was a fun touch. The colors are super flattering on me, but I just couldn’t get past the print. I don’t know, maybe it was too small or too “tribal” for my taste? Either way, not for me.

Status: Returned


Market & Spruce Bernadette Lace Overlay Raglan Top, $58

May 2016 2

This is an item that I actually pinned and hoped to receive one day. It’s so soft, so lightweight, so feminine, while at the same time, completely casual. The $58 price tag gave me pause but, in my mind, it’s better to pay $58 and get something out of it than to pay $20 and get nothing.

The label (like most Stitch Fix items) says “hand wash only,” but I’m going to wash it separately in a lingerie bag and hope for the best.

Status: Kept!


Kut From the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean, $78

Yes, that is the exact description of the jeans I received (and kept) in my last fix, so when I saw these on my invoice, I was really upset and confused. But then I saw these:

May 2016 3


Totally different. And totally not “boyfriend jeans.” Which is fine, because I’ve been on the lookout for a nice pair of straight leg jeans. But sadly, these look like just another pair of skinnies on me. They had a nice stretch and fit well, but the legs seemed a little too…tapered? Is it just me?

At any rate, they weren’t exactly what I wanted, and I knew I wouldn’t wear them enough to justify the cost.

Status: Returned


DV8 Jovie Two Strap Slide Sandal, $59

May 2016 6Ugh! I cannot put into words how ugly I think these sandals are. I mean it; I have wracked my brain and cannot come up with even one word to describe my feelings about the ugliness of these sandals.

Nevertheless, I’m a good sport, and tried them on to see if they would change my mind. They didn’t. Now, I wouldn’t mind paying $60 for a pair of shoes, but at that price, they better feel like I’m walking on cotton candy spun by the angels themselves. But these shoes were hard and uncomfortable, and the white strap was just barely big enough for my foot to go through, which meant that every step was a dangerous game of “keep the shoe from flying off and hitting someone in the shin.”

Status: Returned so fast I got a little dizzy


So far, I’ve only kept 1 item from each of my fixes, so either they’re not doing that great at selecting things for me or I’m just too picky (or cheap). However, the items I do have I love and wear often, so it’s been working out so far.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What did you think?



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