A Moment of Honesty (and Clarity)

A Moment of Honesty (and Clarity)

I started this blog as a place where I could be “real” as a mom. A place where I could let other moms know that they weren’t alone.

I need to apologize to you all.

Because I realized that I haven’t been real at all. I’ve been sanitizing my words and trying to create a perfect life so I could share my “secrets.” (As if I really have everything figured out! And with only one child at home, no less!) I tried to write “how to” posts. I raced to get to a perfect place of happiness and clarity so that I could show you mere peasants how I fixed up my life, and by golly, you could too. I was kidding you all, but mostly, I think, I was kidding myself.

It was a struggle to live this way and it was a struggle to write this way, because (surprise, surprise!) I don’t really have many answers. But I do have thoughts. And a kind heart. And the ability to sympathize.

I have many strengths, but they are not of the “Pinterest” variety.

So I’m (slightly) changing the scope of my blog. Instead of solutions for staying sane while staying at home, I’d rather be your friend. I’d rather give voice to those dark thoughts in our heads that whisper to us that we’re not doing this right, that we’re screwing up our kids, that we made a horrible mistake in becoming a mother (thoughts I’ve all had myself).

I’d rather share my struggles with you in the most up-front, honest, and vulnerable way I can, not because I have a ready solution (but if I do, I’ll share!), but because I know that the most helpful thing anyone can say sometimes is “Me, too!” So—whatever you’re going through—know that I’ve been there, too.

I hope you’ll continue this journey of motherhood with me.

I hope you’ll forgive me.




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