8 Ways to Reset When You’re Having a Bad Day

8 Ways to Reset When You’re Having a Bad Day

8 Ways to Reset When You're Having a Bad DayConfession time: I’m having a bad day.

You know the ones I’m talking about. I think I went to bed too late last night (Hubby and I were watching Hotel Impossible and lost track of time). I slept a little too late this morning. Baby Bear was in full force after breakfast, clinging to my lap so I couldn’t pay a single bill. And my eyes just won’t. Stay. Open.

As I type this, she is supposed to be taking her morning nap, but she is wailing. (Seriously, baby?! Do you know what I would do if I were given an opportunity to nap for AS LONG AS I WANTED?)

Anyway, it’s only 10am and I have a lot on my plate, so it’s time to pull out all the stops and hit the “reset” button on today.

They don’t always work, but they can at least take the edge off. Use one of these methods (or a combo of them) to help when you’re just “not feeling it.”


1. Shower and Get Dressed

I remember taking my first shower after bringing Baby Bear home from the hospital. I came downstairs and—with wet hair, pajamas, and those lovely mesh diapers they give you after birth—told my husband, “I feel like a real person again.” That’s the magic of showering, people.

Sometimes, just hopping in the shower and putting on some jeans clean yoga pants can make all the difference in how “real” you feel.


2. Makeup and Hair

Okay, so “makeup” isn’t usually on my to-do list (unless I’m attending a party; and by “party,” I mean “wedding”), but sometimes, just the simplest routine of foundation/bronzer/mascara can help me feel like a real person again.

At the very least, I’ll try to tame my hair so it’s one less thing bothering me throughout the day. I have very wavy hair that likes to stick out from the sides of my head, so I keep it straightened. When I had long hair, I used to braid it or put it in a messy bun. I almost miss having long hair. (Almost.)


3. Coffee, Tea, Whatever

teacup aerial

I’m so NOT a coffee drinker (this blog is called “Teacups & Naptime,” what did you expect?), so my morning preference is tea. For me, I don’t even think it’s the caffeine so much as the routine. I love having something warm, comforting, and delicious to help wipe the sleep from my eyes so I can conquer the world (or at least my laundry pile). For you, it might be coffee. Or maybe you prefer hot apple cider or cocoa or Diet Coke.

Whatever. Do you.


4. Get out of the house

Staring at the same four walls can make anyone go a little stir crazy. On days like today, I sometimes like to throw Bear in her car seat and go walk around Target for a bit. Sometimes I’ll grab lunch or we’ll go for a walk. I especially like to do this if I can tell that she is just not gonna nap for me. She’ll be cranky at home, but not anywhere else. Weird.


5. Stay home

I know, I know. I just told you to get out of the house. But if you’re having an “off day” because you’re trying to get to that playdate at Harper’s house but you just can’t manage it…stay home! Seriously. Tell the Mommy & Me group that you and the kid(s) aren’t feeling well. (We’re all moms; we get it!) Ask your husband if he can swing by the store on the way home from work to grab a gallon of milk so you don’t have to. For all the 4,000,000 other things you accomplish on any given day, you’re allowed to just cancel if that’s what’s best for you.


6. Be productive

Whether you stay home or not, sometimes it helps to be productive. I hate staring at piles of paperwork, unpaid bills, unfolded laundry, and toys all over the carpet. It gives me anxiety. So if I’m staying home, taking care of all that stuff in the morning makes it easier for me to relax and enjoy the rest of my day. Today, for instance, I was able to pay some bills (finally! I think she fell asleep about 20 minutes ago!), pick up the toys, and put away a basket of laundry.


7. Be lazy

Yeah, another contradictory piece of advice. Deal with it. Because when you’re really having a bad day (PPD or PMS or any of those awful acronyms can hit at any time), it can be easier on everyone when you just give up and snuggle with the kids in front of the TV. Plan on pizza for dinner and call it a mental health day.


8. Bible


Last, but certainly not least, it almost always helps to do my daily devotionals. If I can calm my mind enough to focus (which often involves doing chores first and always involves waiting until Baby Bear is napping), listening to what G-d has to say about my life right now is a perfect way to put things into perspective and give me the peace and strength to deal with whatever life has for me. His mercies are new every morning and this is great way to remember that.


Dressed? Check. Got some chores done? Check. Sleeping baby? Check. Time to make a fresh cuppa tea….



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